Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Lost Treasures of Nevada


Many treasure hunters have lost years in Nevada, looking for what they think is a very important and a pretty incredible treasure. However, it appears that there weren't any maps of the region when this huge thesaurus was lost. Here are some of the facts related to this incredible treasure.

A war between Utah and the federal government started around 1856. Brigham Young and Mormon's old people decided to gather all the riches of Mormon's Church and to protect them by hiding them somewhere safe. They sent a few Indians which had been converted to their religion to find a proper place for the treasure and they did. They found a big cave near Pioche Ely. Utah was well-known for the fact that everybody wanted to transform everything into gold. Merchandise was sold when travelers crossed the border, the banks were liquidated and the members of the Church gave in all the money they had. Thus, gold worth over one million and a half dollars was collected.

The relations with the government seemed to improve, but then came the massacre at Mountain Meadow. A whole wagon of people rundreisen new york from Arkansas was sacrificed, only the youngest children being left alive. Thinking that the cave was not safe anymore, Mormon took the gold to San Bernardino in California from where he could move it to Mexico.

On their way, they crossed Nevada. The crew remained ran out of water and provisions so they returned to a river they had passed by. After a few days, another massacre took place and the gold disappeared, this event leaving people to believe that there is a long lost treasure somewhere in Nevada.

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